OuiShare Fest 2017 "Cities of the world, unite!" Paris/Pantin, July 5-7
Join as Event Organization Contributor! (formerly event volunteer)
Since 2013, the Fest has been a community adventure. Last year over 130 people made the event a unique experience for our participants and themselves. Event organization contributors help with the implementation of the event on-site (planned from July 2 to 9). It is a great opportunity to live the Fest from inside and meet the OuiShare community and spirit.

You can read more about what it means here: https://ouishare.gitbooks.io/ouishare-fest-toolkit/content/team_organization.html.  

You would like to give a hand and join the Fest 2017 event team?! Please complete this form as soon as possible. Late applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, but we cannot guarantee they will be considered.

You were already part of the team in previous years? Then apply here or send a direct email to Claudine and Marguerite at getinvolved@ouisharefest.com, indicating your availability and the activity(ies) you would like to join.
Tell us about yourself :)

To know how to make being a volunteer an awesome experience for you, please tell us about yourself, your skills and areas that you would like to get involved in!
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Where are you based?

What languages do you speak? *

We expect everybody to be able to speak English, as the event will be in this language and many attendees and team members do not speak French. It's good to know the differents languages you speak because few activities will need translations.

What do you do ?

What is you work or what project/domain are you developing / studying in, etc.
Link(s) to your website / LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter

If you'd like to share online
You and OuiShare

OuiShare is much more than just OuiShare Fest. We are especially looking for people who want to be involved in OuiShare beyond the event, in a local community or specific subject.
What have you already done within OuiShare or what you would like to do in the future ?

Becoming a OuiShare member: step 1, join the community :)

You can become an official OuiShare member by signing up on our website. Please share the link to your membership profile from ouishare.net. If you're not a member yet, join here: http://ouishare.net/users/sign_up. Please remember to upload a profile picture, since this is important for the event organization!
Do you know someone from our team personally or have you been recommended by someone we know? :

(no judgement here, just a reminder for us)
You at the OuiShare Fest : activities & availabilities

For both the event organization as well as creating a cohesive team atmosphere, the contributors team is usually expected to be on-site from July, 1st - 9th, including the warm up and the set up before the opening, the Fest days and the dismantling after the event.

You can also contribute to the event starting now until July 2nd and/or are invited to participate in various pre-events and meetings that will take place around the world from January to July.
Which activity(ies) of the Fest organization would you like to get involved in? *

You can select more than one option even if we recommend to be selective.
Overall, you will contribute to these activties 50% of the time and spend the remaining 50 % enjoying the event as a regular attendee.

What are your skills / what are the areas you feel most comfortable with? *

To know how to make being a contributor an awesome experience for you, please tell us more about yourself and your expectations!
When are you available to participate (on-site in Paris or remotely)? *

You can select more than one option

Community hosting & travelling to Paris

We will do our best to help the facilitation of accommodation and travel for contributors.
Please indicate whether you can offer accommodation or need a place to stay.
Since spots will be limited though, it is advised you try to find solutions with friends and acquaintances.
HOSTS - Could you host other contributors?
TRAVELERS - Let us know your accommodation needs *

TRAVEL - How do you plan to travel to Paris / OuiShare Fest? *

Last, but not least

Do you have anything else to add about yourself? Any question? Any idea / proposal to make the experience easy or funny?

If you also submitted another application to join the OuiShare Fest, which way of joining would you most prefer? *

Thank you for your application!

We will get back to you soon.
If you have any questions, email Claudine at getinvolved@ouisharefest.com
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