OuiShare Fest Paris gathers visionaries, entrepreneurs and movement builders to explore how digital technologies and a more collaborative culture can address the great challenges of our time.

Join us this year for “Cities of the World, Unite!”, to debate how cities and citizens can join forces and build new alliances to achieve systemic change.
We want OuiShare Fest to be an event that anyone can join.
To enable individuals with little or no financial resources to attend the event including students, we are offering hacker tickets upon application. These tickets are reserved for individuals who cannot afford to pay the regular ticket price. 

To guarantee that tickets will be available up until July,
we will be giving out tickets in batches every month leading up to the event. 

To apply for a hacker ticket, please fill out the form below!

If you cannot afford a hacker ticket, add a note in the comment field below,
saying that you would like to apply for one of 10 fully sponsored tickets.
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and apply to take part to the event organization in July: https://ouisharefest.typeform.com/to/BcMuwu
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Thank you for sharing a tiny part of your life with us!

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